Essay on computers vs teachers

Our classrooms are changing, and without a doubt they will look quite different in five or ten years than they do today. Innovation may lead us to classroom setups and teacher roles that look very different from today, but a human element will always be an essential part of the equation.

On the other side of the debate, those who emphasize the importance of traditional teachers often do not notice how unrealistic it is to provide high-quality teachers at scale in the current monolithic model of classroom-based instruction. The technology is not the lesson, it is there to enhance the lesson.

Good teachers have the skills to know exactly how to get the best out of each and every young person in their care: When we ask the solution to a problem, the computer has fixed set of a few answers and it cannot answer anything beyond that particular solution.

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. We began creating multimedia presentations to support our lessons and supplement the required reading. Tricia Kelleher, principal of the Stephen Perse Foundationwarns that technology should not spell the end for teachers.

Computers have many convenient functions. Finally, I can say a teacher is very important in shaping a good human being by training with the moral values, responsibilities, and way of life.

Yes it is true that all the study material is available online and that too properly explained.

Teachers Vs Technology Essay Sample

Of course, both teachers and computers create or prepare the teaching materials and instructions. A teacher can grasp the interest of the students but the computer cannot find out the interesting subjects of the students.

In fact, traditional classrooms were designed to prepare students for jobs in an industrial economy of the past. But the fact remains a computer is just an electronic machine devoid of any emotions while a teacher is a human being and has emotions.

Some kids hate some or all teachers not many kids like their teacher. They are leaders, guides, facilitators, and mentors. Computers are helpful for students. The teachers that lose jobs can get one easily, their teachers they are very smart they know stuff for a lot of subjects.

Our team-planning time is now far more productive because, rather than developing our ideas from scratch, we are now able to develop our lesson plan ideas from shared resources. They encourage students when they struggle, and inspire them to set and reach for their goals.

If we want a real revolution in education, we should make an all-out effort to attract and keep our best people in our schools. Computers can be programmed, so those people that say they have no feelings you can program them to know and have feelings.

Computers VS Teachers

Any savings are used to pay existing teachers more. For instance, it is possible to finish works in shorter time than people do.We need technology and teachers; technology is a supplemental learning tool in the classroom. There is a vast amount of discussion and debates surrounding the education technology movement.

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By framing the debate as technology vs. teachers, we create a false dichotomy. Instead, our conversations should focus on finding ways to let technology do what it does best so that we can leverage teachers to do what they do best.

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Below is an essay on "Computer vs Teacher" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Should computers replace teachers?

With increased modernization and industrialization, computers have now become a necessity in our lives, especially in the field of education/5(1). Teacher vs. Computer. Where Educators Stand in the Technology Revolution. 08/01/02; Instructional technology and the World Wide Web offer powerful teaching resources that provide educators with a limitless wealth of information and shared professional practices.

computers should replace teachers. Children are often distracted by what the teacher is wearing, saying, or doing. The teachers get frustrated because while they are trying to teach, the children are distracted and cannot concentrate.

Essay on computers vs teachers
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