Impact of motivation on workers productivity

The 2nd described people as McGregor thought them to be ; responsible. Some of the key findings are highlighted below. It is thus a measure of discrepancy between the observed and expected frequencies and as given by: It consequences from a felt demand — an impulse directed towards a demand.

For achieving prosperity, organization design different strategies to compete with their rivals and of increasing the performance of the organization Akintoye, By recognizing these desires, employers can build a positive work environment that promotes creativity, mutual respect and productivity.

For the purpose of this study, published annual reports of the company i. The satisfaction that the workers derive from their job can affect their motivation to work.

Leadership's Impact on Productivity and Engagement

The success of an organization does not depend on t he motivational procedures being adopted. This chapter obliges the approaches adopted in providing solution to questions, which this research work is base don, and a w ay of testing each of the hypothesis formulated.

What is the extent in which workers in Power Holding Company of Nigeria are motivated? In achieving this objective, it is expedient for the researcher to use scientific procedure being tested, proven and acceptable. Employee needs to believe that he is paid a decent living wage, which compares, favoruably with what is offered in other organizations.

Furthermore, there might be unwillingness on the part of the respondents to divulge some vital information being asked through the structured questionnaire, which will also constitute part of the limitation to the methodology.

The combination of these three variables will lead to a highly motivated behaviour; in other words, the absence of any of these three variables may timber the actualization of goals.

This has greatly demoralized an average Nigerian worker. The objectives of the study are to: The success of an organization depends on the motivational procedures being adopted. For most office workers now, life on the job means life online. Good salary, fringe benefits, enabling policies and various forms of supervisions are good examples of this type of motivation Mankoe, So, since the scope of the study or research is base don the management who are the decision-makers in the organization, their busy schedule might be a source of impediment hindrance to him i.

When a undertaking offers the chance for self-expression. The procedures for the analysis of the data have been divided into two parts: Extrinsic motivation comes from the work environment, external to the person and his or her work.

The manifestation of these inputs varies from one individual to another and therefore the extent to which inputs manifest themselves in intensity of effort, direction of effort and persistency of effort also differs. It deals with the general information on the data i.

Impact Of Employees Motivation On Organizational Productivity

General procedures in carrying out the Chi-Square are as follows: The study as perceived might face some logistic challenges in term of the time and the costs involved in carrying out the research, but nevertheless, it would strive to accomplish its aims and purpose.

As single workers get more human capital.

The Impact of the Hawthorne Effect on Productivity at Work

What is the status of workers productivity in Power Holding Company of Nigeria? Worker productivity is then self-determined and you only pay for completed work. Pan Book Publishing Company.

The Effect Of Management Of Economic Incentives On Workers Behaviour In Ghana

In the Power Holding Sector however, there are still cries of poor performance despite its privatization and the image of the employees has not changed from the old public PHCN Ohimain, Fiscal Incentive Scheme There are two countries into which fiscal inducements scheme autumn ; those of secret agents and those of directors.

Effective performance appraisal influences employee performance. People Dynamics, August However, in this chapter, the data generated through the different sources especially the questionnaire, would be presented and analyzed.

Excellent performance should be rewarded to boost the ego of the employee. The quality of supervision will not motivate workers productivity.Introduction.

Good motivational strategies have a great impact on productivity in a workplace. Well-managed and motivated workers often make a business successful, while demotivated workers lead a business down it failure path (Brehm, ).

While there have been a variety of studies concerning government worker motivation and productivity, few, if any, studies have focused specifically on state government workers’ perceptions about what factors affect their productivity.


Online American workers say the internet and email are very important tools for doing their jobs, rating them higher in importance than landline phones, mobile phones, and social networking sites. Just 7% say the internet makes them less productive at work.

Did workers know they were being measured for productivity? Could there have been a grace period when they were trying to prove that working at home works, after which their efforts tailed off.

IMPACT OF PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL ON PRODUCTIVITY. CHAPTER ONE. A critical look out on this may bring about the need for motivation, allowances, development, training and good human relationship in an organization.

This research work is limited the impact of performance appraisal on workers performance and in turn leading to. The original “Hawthorne effect” study suggested that the novelty of being research subjects and the increased attention from such could lead to temporary increases in workers’ productivity.

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Impact of motivation on workers productivity
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