Our indian villages

On the other hand, if we go for weakness that is lack of facilities and good education and hospitals, these are the main problem for them, it will solve if the government imposed good policies like MANREGA etc.

Then see Our indian villages changes will be done. The typical village had a pub or inn, shops, and a blacksmith. Then came the wireless phone and WLL in the early s. At approximately years old, the Taos Pueblo is one of the oldest, continuously occupied villages, and is now recognized as a World Heritage Site, as well as a National Historic Site.

The villagers are the most hardworking people. Everyone knows villages is that place there our farmers live. However this may not be applicable to urbanised villages: Villages are the backbone of India because most of the food crops are in villages.

Healthy food and lifestyle of villages is being replicated in cities these days, thus making India more healthier. Because of that foods provide of our people. Today most of the farmer attempting suicide because of bank debt.

Government should make awareness program in urban areas so that new generation should not migrate to urban area and Accommodate themselves in agriculture. Suppose to take a township people they are all living machine life. Migration of villagers to cities have been a concern and government is trying to motivate people to be involved in agriculture with many schemes and subsidies.

There is huge untapped potential in villages. Cities too have a large proportion of poor people. Netherlands[ edit ] In the flood-prone districts of the Netherlandsvillages were traditionally built on low man-made hills called terps before the introduction of regional dyke-systems. Aug 1, Hello, friends.

The story of my village is almost similar to villages across the country. Rapid advancement in science and communication technology too contributed to the change. The people who live in the village have fewer chances of diseases they live in the fresh environment the air they inhale is pure, they get fresh vegetables and fruits which we rarely get in cities.

Indian villages - our strength or our weakness?

The climate of there is very clear and fresh. Consequently, through the national electrification programmes my village got electrified and subsequently mobile telephony arrived. This actually shows us that villages where almost all of our agriculture is done is not our strength but our weakness.

This in fact tells us that how important are villages in a developing economy like ours. Oct 12, Indian villages is our strength as well as our weakness. Due to unemployment in rural areas and more expenditure farmers committed suicide we should support the farmer and arrange an employment in non-seasonal areas.

People have realized the importance of education and almost all children go to school nowadays. Indian villages - our strength or our weakness?Most of India’s population is living in villages. Villages are the backbone of our nation. Government should take steps in order to improve the condition of Indian villages because the development in Indian villages will change the face of India.

Villages are the backbone of our country as we know.

Indian villages - our strength or our weakness?

Around 70% population of India is villagers, who are completely depend on the Agriculture, or business related to ltgov2018.com life of the people in the villages prove that still Indians are united. Oct 09,  · Indian villages are our strength, because they contribute the maximum for our agricultural sector, most of our Indian population (more than 70%) lie in the villages.

lately, these people are moving into the cities to find jobs and for a better living and end up in slums. Indian Villages – Strength of India: Mahatma Gandhi once said – “The future of India lies in its villages”.

According to Gandhiji, villages are self-sufficient units. This is the group discussion on "Indian villages - our strength or our weakness?". Indian villages are our strength because most important part of the Indian GDP is Depend on our Agriculture.

It is impossible without village. Our village are play the Important role in supply food and RAW material for business.

Our indian villages
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